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Emboidery 2 Needles

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John James Crafter's Collection Needles The Crafter's Collection is a brand new innovation in hand sewing needles, with carefully selected needle combinations which have never been available before in individually designed packs.

Envelope contents:

  • Embroidery size 7 x 9 needles
  • Embroidery size 9 x 5 needles
  • Embroidery size 10 x 4 needles

This is a needle combination for the intermediate or advanced embroiderer or for those who prefer a finer and shorter needle. An embroidery needle has a long large eye and is identical in length and in diameter as its cousins within the Sharps family. This makes this needle collection fantastic to use for general sewing. Do you struggle to thread an ordinary sharps sewing needle? The answer is to use an embroidery needle instead

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