Ted Harrison Artist Retreat

Ted Harrison Retreat on Crag Lake

Ted Harrison came to the Yukon in the sixties with his wife Nicky and son Charles. Over a period of 25 years, Ted taught art to countless numbers of Yukon students, and went on to become one of Canada’s foremost contemporary painters. 

Through Harrison’s distinct paintings, he has brought the splendor of the Yukon’s natural environment to national and international attention. 

Through his years in the Yukon, Ted spent considerable time at his cabin on Crag Lake, fishing, painting, and absorbing the landscape. In 1993, Ted and Nicky moved to Victoria, British Columbia where Ted continued to reside until his passing on January 16th, 2015.

Ted dreamed of sharing Yukon experiences with other Canadian artists. The donation of his land has made it a possible for visual artists to have the solitude and inspiration that Ted found at his cabin on Crag Lake.

The Ted Harrison Artist residency program is intended to give visual artists an opportunity to concentrate on the research, development, and production of a project or body of workin a remote and inspirational setting.The Ted Harrison Artist Retreat Society (THARS) operates a visual arts retreat where artists can work in an inspirational setting and exchange ideas among different cultural backgrounds. Well-known and former Yukon artist Ted Harrison donated his lakeside property at Crag Lake, just south of Whitehorse, as the idyllic location. Visitors are welcome at open studio and community outreach events.

It has been great to meet the artists in residence here on Crag Lake and I look forward to meeting new artists in the future.


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